Bank QIF to IIF Assistant

The Bank QIF to IIF Assistant converts the QIF files provided by most banks into the QuickBooks® IIF file format. Once the transactions are converted the user can then import them into QuickBooks®.

The process for doing the conversion is an interactive one. The program will display each transaction and waits for you to input the missing information such as the account and payee names which are required by QuickBooks®.


  • Loads Your QuickBooks® Chart of Accounts

  • Loads Your QuickBooks® Customer/Vendor Lists

  • Default Expense Account

  • Exclude unwanted transactions

  • Swap Payee and Memo data

  • Combine Memo and Payee data

  • Undo changes


  • Windows 95/98/NT

  • 16 MB RAM

  • The Write It Once Program is NOT required


  • Free Technical Support

  • Free Program Updates

  • Free Email Notification of program updates

Transactions Window

Module00060a.jpg (37975 bytes)

This is where most of your interaction with the program is going to be. After entering the Program Settings, you will click on the "Start Processing" button.

The program will display the transaction information and you will select the appropriate Payee and Account names using the drop down lists.

Click on the Include Transaction button Or the Exclude Transaction button. The program will save the transaction in the QuickBooks® IIF file and display the next transaction.

The process will be repeated until you have done all the transactions. At that time, the program will display a message stating that there are no more transactions.

To exit the program click the Exit button.

Program Settings

Module00060b.jpg (38367 bytes)

Before processing your QIF file, you need to enter the program settings.

  • This includes the file name and location of your bank QIF file.

  • The QuickBooks Chart of Accounts Export File

  • The QuickBooks Customer/Vendor Export File

  • The Name of the Bank or Credit Card Account

  • The Default Expense Account

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