Q. Where do you install the SCA, on the web server or your local PC?
A. The SCA is install on your local PC where the orders are going to be processed.

Q. After purchasing the SCA, are there any monthly fees for using the program?
A. No, there are no monthly fees.

Q. Can the SCA be installed on multiple computers?
A. You will need to purchase additional licenses.

Q. Does the SCA run on a Mac?
A. Yes, provided you have the program in your Mac that allows you to run Windows applications.

Q. Does the SCA replace my existing shopping cart?
A. No, the SCA does not replace any of your existing applications. The only thing the SCA replaces is the manual data entry.

Q. We have several websites with different shopping carts, do I need to purchase a separate SCA for each website?
A. No, you only need to purchase one SCA. The SCA can be setup to work with all your different shopping carts at the same time.

Q. Does the SCA have online help guides?
A. Yes, contact technical support for assistance is setting the SCA to access the online guides.

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