The QIF to IIF Register Assistant  provides the means for converting your Quicken® or Money register transactions so that they can be imported into QuickBooks®.

IMPORTANT: If you need to convert credit card and checking transactions from QIF files provided by your Bank or Credit Card Institution, you need our BANK QIF to IIF ASSISTANT program instead.


  • Works with Quicken® and Microsoft® Money or any other QIF compatible program.

  • Supports both Credit Cart and Bank register transactions.

  • Can automatically skip transactions generated from transfers, thus eliminating the double-entry of transactions.

  • Can convert only transactions from given date range.

  • Simple to use interface.

  • One click conversion process.


  • Export the transactions from Quicken or Money as a QIF file format.

  • Open the program and select the QIF file, enter the QuickBooks®  account name and enter the name of the IIF file the program will create.

  • Click a button and the program will convert the data to the IIF file format for importing into QuickBooks.

Transactions Supported

  • Bank
  • Credit Card

IMPORTANT:  the accounts used in Quicken® or Money must already exists in QuickBooks®. If they don't exist, QuickBooks® will create them as Bank accounts. If the payees don't exist, QuickBooks® will create them in the Other List.

Support And Program Updates

  • Free technical support via e-mail
  • Free program updates

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