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Tired of manually typing or cutting and pasting your online orders into your business applications?

Introducing the Shopping Cart Assistant (SCA) - In a nutshell, the SCA completely eliminates the need to manually enter your online orders into your business applications, such as, Accounting, Shipping, Credit Card Processing, and Contact Managers.





  • Eliminate Data Entry Errors

  • Process & Ship Orders Faster

  • Increase Productivity

  • Concentrate on Your Business Not on Data Entry.


1 - Capture order information.

The Shopping Cart Assistant works with most (including custom) shopping carts, order forms, store fronts systems in the market.
See the list of Shopping Carts. The order information can be captured from Emails, Browser Output, and Export Files.

2 - Create data for your applications.

The Shopping Cart Assistant will either create the data directory on your  applications or create the data files in the format required by your application. The Shopping Cart Assistant work with these type of business applications: Accounting, Shipping, and Credit Card

3 - Import data.

In some programs, such as ACT!, Microsoft Outlook, and QuickBooks Pro 2002 or higher, the SCA will directly create the data and eliminate step 3.


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