Shopping Cart Assistant - Features

  • Works with all shopping carts and e-commerce systems.

  • Captures order data from the browser.

  • Captures order data from email order notifications using Microsoft Outlook or any other email program.

  • Captures order data from downloadable files.

  • Item numbers in shopping cart don't have to match those in your accounting program.

  • Can create unique part number based on the options selected, thus keeping accurate track of inventory.

  • Combo database for those items that are made of different items.

  • Utility to enter your phone or mail orders.

  • QuickBooks users can choose from Invoice, Cash Sale and Invoice w/ payment.

  • Use one shipping method or many shipping methods.

  • Use one payment method or many payment methods.

  • Exclude country name from addresses.

  • Choose from several formats when creating the customer file, including a generic customer for all internet sales.

  • Find feature to find the orders by First Name, Last Name, Order Number, CC Number, Phone Number, Email, Company.

  • Make corrections to orders before bringing the data into your applications.

  • Virtual CC Terminal interface, allows you to input the credit card information into your virtual terminals.

  • The Yahoo Tracking allows Yahoo! Users to manually input or import the tracking information from FedEx, UPS and then upload the tracking information back to Yahoo!

  • Automatically check your orders against a database for out-of-stock or pre-sale items, plus automatically notify your customers via email. Note: Microsoft Outlook required. 

  • Archive feature allows you to save your orders for future viewing or reference on a separate database. Using this feature means you will always have a fresh empty database for importing your orders from your shopping cart program.

  • Print shipping labels and packing slips.

  • Creates import files for bringing your shipping addresses right into you shipping programs, such as, UPS Worldship, FedEx Ship Manager (PC and WEB),, and Endicia.

  • Updates orders with tracking information from FedEx and UPS.

  • Creates import files for bringing the credit card information right into you credit card programs, such as, IC Verify, PC Authorize, PC Charge, and PC Transact IT.

  • Creates import files or automatically creates the customer information into your contact manager program, such as, Outlook, ACT!, and GoldMine.

  • Send emails to your customers using pre-defined templates. Note: Microsoft Outlook required.

  • The SCA can be customized to meet your unique business. requirements.

  • Free technical support.

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